HEAD Waterjet – Why is it so popular in Russia?

HEAD Waterjet – Why is it so popular in Russia?

HEAD waterjet began to serve the Russian market in 2011, and has solved more than 1000 cutting problems for Russian cutting customers over the past ten years, and is the best Chinese brand in the mouth of Russian customers. According to the global customs data, HEAD waterjet sales accounted for 27% of the global sales in 2023, and the export share accounted for the first.

According to Russian customs data, HEAD waterjet exports to Russia in 2023 accounted for 41% of Russia’s overall imports, also ranked first. HEAD waterjet is so popular, in addition to HEAD waterjet equipment itself of high quality, advanced technology, scientific and standardized product service system, but also thanks to HEAD to establish the agent service system. Agents throughout the major cities in Russia to establish a set of perfect management service system, arrange for agents to carry out collective training and individual training. Improve the agent’s technical service ability, to ensure that every project of localized service is satisfactory to customers.

According to HEAD’s 24-year training plan, the first agent who came to the factory to receive training and learning arrived on January 17, 2024 as scheduled.
According to the company’s arrangement, the head of the Russian agent and technical personnel in HEAD for a period of 7 days of technical training, the training content includes, software operation, equipment installation, common troubleshooting, equipment practice, etc. After the training will be assessed on the content of the training, the assessment does not pass the re-learning, to ensure that the content of each training can be mastered in its entirety, the training will be completed in the presence of engineers, to ensure that the localization of every project.

After the training, under the witness of the engineers, the agent engineers independently carry out sample test cuts, the whole process is completed independently by the agent engineers, with practical action to prove their own at the same time also formally passed the HEAD training test for agent engineers. And the samples cut by the agent engineers are stored in our exquisite sample display cabinet, in which every piece is completed by the agent engineers after the training of agents by HEAD, bearing our joint efforts with the agents and the pursuit of technology. At present, there are more than 100 samples stored in the showcase.

The agent engineer said after completing the sample cutting: this training harvest is too big, in HEAD learned too much advanced technology, after going back to have confidence in every customer to buy HEAD waterjet satisfaction, to ensure zero complaints!

In this training, not only the agent for equipment-related training, the two sides also jointly reviewed the past 23 years of cooperation, and 24 years to do a more detailed planning and outlook. Through such exchanges, the agent’s understanding and trust in HEAD became deeper.

In the conference room, General Manager Mr. Wu introduced to the agents and friends the new changes of HEAD’s company in the past year. In order to meet the demand of customers for HEAD products in 2024, the size of the workshop has been enlarged nearly two times in 24 years, and all kinds of new supporting facilities have been introduced, making every effort to ensure the production capacity and product quality. The person in charge of the agent said: following HEAD to grow and develop together in these years, it is our most fortunate decision to become the agent of HEAD in Russia. It is our most fortunate decision to become HEAD’s agent in Russia. We are confident that we will be able to develop the Russian market in the next step by firmly cooperating with HEAD waterjet brand and struggling with HEAD waterjet.

That’s why HEAD waterjets are such a big seller in Russia!


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