What type of machine should be used to cut the Porcelain Slab Tile

What type of machine should be used to cut the Porcelain Slab Tile

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Porcelain Slab Tile is a new type of material that is more popular nowadays. In many high-end brands, such as furniture, cabinets, and whole house customization industries have begun to apply Porcelain Slab Tile. The material of the Porcelain Slab Tile is naturally as high-grade as marble, whether in the modern style, industrial style or light luxury decoration, it will bring you a refreshing feeling..

At present, there are bridge saw cutting machine, and waterjet can go to cut Porcelain Slab Tile, but generally facing customers who inquire about Porcelain Slab Tile processing equipment, We would recommend buying AC five-axis waterjet, then why do we recommend the purchase of waterjet? Why is waterjet suitable for processing Porcelain Slab Tile? I'll tell you all about it.

First ,What is a Porcelain Slab Tile?

①One of the most surprising new species in the ceramic and stone industry, Porcelain Slab Tile ≠ CERAMIC SLAB

②Porcelain Slab Tile integrate a number of top-level technology and selects high-quality raw materials, After forming by 16,800 tons of press, plus 8 high-definition inkjet engravings, and then fired at a high temperature of 1250°.

Seconded, Advantages of Porcelain Slab Tile:

pure natural material selection, safety and health, fire and frost resistance, wear and stain resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and stamping, and zero water absorption and zero penetration.

Third, Advantages of waterjet:

1,HEAD produced waterjet, especially the five-axis waterjet, you can achieve special-shaped cutting, and is a good helper of Porcelain Slab Tile cutting curve.

2, There is no thermal deformation during cutting, avoiding the physical and chemical changes of the material.

3,The incision is flat and smooth without glitch, generally, there is no need to be reprocessed, and there will be no environmental pollution during processing.

4, Will not cause any damage to the object being cut during the cutting process, and can do many cutting tools can not achieve the cutting operation.

5,the cutting seam is less than 1.2 mm, and the cutting accuracy up to 0.1mm, which is convenient for nesting cutting and saveing the material.

6,it is widely suitable for the cutting processing of all kinds of materials, and has the reputation of "universal cutting machine" ;

Finally,Why is the AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine suitable for cutting Porcelain Slab Tile?



 1, Good cutting effect: when dealing with heterosexual sharp corners or continuous sharp corners, the corners have no obvious round spots 

2, high processing efficiency: The C axis infinite rotation, and the corner speed is fast, which improves the processing efficiency;

3, Wide range of processes: it can realize cylindrical mosaic, large-angle chamfering, auto parts, metal processing, and non-metal composite material cutting.

The Porcelain Slab Tile is different from the common ceramic tile, although the Porcelain Slab Tile has higher machinability, but at the same time, the Porcelain Slab Tile is also more brittle and require higher processing.. It can be seen that water-jet cutting has the advantages that the ordinary cutting method does not have, and is extremely suitable for the processing of Porcelain Slab Tile. Even for the processing plants with a small business volume, only one water-jet can meet most of the needs of the processing of Porcelain Slab Tile, if you are engaged in the Porcelain Slab Tile processing industry, then we recommend that you to cut with a waterjet.

In addition to cutting Porcelain Slab Tile, our waterjet products can cut almost all materials, any shape, any size, efforts to solve your cutting problem is our direction, because our company's mission is: To make cutting no longer a problem!

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