What is the difference between laser VS plasma cutting

What is the difference between laser VS plasma cutting

Since the introduction of plasma and laser cutting into the manufacturing industry, many processes in the entire industry have undergone tremendous changes.

But when cutting materials, which of these two cutting methods should be chosen?

It has also caused a lot of troubles to many people, so let's understand the difference between them

The difference in principle

Laser cutting is the use of magnified laser beams to cut materials. It uses optical devices to focus the laser on a small spot, and realizes cutting by melting or vaporizing a part of the workpiece at high temperature.

Plasma cutting relies on high-speed emission of superheated ionized gas, that is, plasma, and then forms an arc in the gas. The high-temperature and high-speed plasma arc is used as the heat source to melt and vaporize the conductive metal workpiece. At the same time, the high-speed airflow blows away the molten metal to achieve cutting. of. Therefore, plasma cutting and laser cutting are different in principle. Plasma cutting uses plasma, while laser cutting uses amplified laser.


The ion cutting machine is suitable for cutting, cutting holes and chamfering a variety of metal materials. It is mainly used for cutting medium-thickness metal plates. It is widely used in industries such as automobiles, pressure vessels, nuclear industries, engineering machinery and ships. To

Laser cutting has a wider range of applications than plasma cutting. In addition to cutting a variety of metal materials, it can also cut non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, ceramics, glass, rubber and textiles. However, laser cutting is not suitable for cutting highly reflective materials for a long time. , Such as aluminum, copper, etc., and more suitable for cutting medium and thin plates, but with higher accuracy, and are widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electric power and petroleum equipment manufacturing, decoration, advertising, lighting, sheet metal processing and other industries.


Pros and cons

Plasma cutting is a low-cost cutting method. The cutting speed is fast and the heat-affected area is small. Plasma cutting is not limited by the reflection characteristics of the material and can cut highly reflective metal materials. However, the plasma cutting groove is large and the cutting surface is not smooth enough. The cutting accuracy is low, the verticality of the cutting surface is poor, and there are more chips, and there are disadvantages such as harmful gas and arc.

Laser cutting has the advantages of non-contact, no damage to the surface of the material, high cutting quality, smooth cutting surface and edges, no need for post-processing, and a wide range of cutting materials. However, the laser cutting speed will decrease as the thickness of the material increases, and the cutting cost will also be reduced. Higher.


Plasma cutting and laser cutting are both very effective cutting methods. Although these two cutting methods can be used interchangeably, when you know the real difference between the two cutting methods, will the choice be more professional.

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