Water Cutting Machine for Sale

HEAD 5-axis water jet countertops work!  

We are very happy to recommend you our HEAD 5-axis water jet cutting machine, it has the function for max 45-degree cutting, it is a very necessary function for the countertops work. Now 80% of our customers are from the countertops industry, and they have very good use of our 5-axis water jet cutting machine. 

We welcome you to turn to us for a reference if you are working in the field. 

It is an exceptional water jet machine developed by us after collecting the problems in the process of Sintered/marble/Porcelain/Granite/Quartzite processing, which helps them to improve the processing yield to 100%,

Fully upgraded configuration:

  • Our 5-axis cutting head's ability: to cut 45-degree mitre cutting stone faster with more accuracy 

  • Auto Floor type loading system is convenient for load/unloading saving labor costs and the damage rate is meager!

  • Auto-Height and Anti-Collision system: to reduce wear/tear and results in less monitoring time

  • Rubber grilles to protect the sintered stone to ensure flatness

  • The intelligent cutting algorithm, maximum utilization of materials

  • High-definition pixel camera system, matching sintered stone


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