The HD waterjet production workshop was expanded, and the new factory was officially put into use!


Celebrating the HEAD Waterjet Day. The date came to May 10th again, which is an important anniversary for HEAD Waterjet cutting machine. This May 10th coincided with the opening of a new Factory Building for HEAD Waterhet, so this Day was of great significance to carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future: it not only commemorates the achievements made in the past, but also wrote a new chapter for HD waterjet's brilliant future. All colleagues in the company had high hopes on this Day. Besides the annual teamwork activities, the more important part was the new factory opening ceremony. 

waterjet cutting machine2

The marketing promotion center conducted a live broadcast on facebook. At 8:30 a.m., all the employees of the company gathered outside the new factory building. After the opening dance that colleagues practiced on their spare time, the hostess invited the bosses to conduct the ribbon cutting. With the exciting speech of the general manager Wu Yu, the ceremony was completely successful. The next part following was the long-awaited teamwork activity. All the players were divided into seven groups, and participated in four sports, including fun relay, passing flour, standing back, and HD's signature event- shuttlecock competition. After nearly four hours competiting, the team led by Miss Tong who is the leader of marketing promotion center won the crown. After the hearty exercise, the partners sit together and enjoy the delicious food, and have a better understanding of each other and built a great friendship. On May 10th, 2021, we spent another unforgettable HEAD Waterjet Day. In twelve years, HD Waterjet experienced a process of rapid development. The presence of the new Factory building not only proves the previous efforts of HD waterjet, but also witnesses our new journey. Under the leadership of Mr.Wu, HEAD water cutting will not stop moving forward, and will continue to strive for our goal!

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