Several sintered stone handwashing methods

Several common sintered stone handwashing methods

When decorating the bathroom with sintered stone /stone as the sink, it is necessary to pay attention to the bonding between the under-counter basin and the rock slab/stone countertop.

For the wash basin made of steel frame and sintered stone/stone, the rust prevention treatment of the welding point of the steel frame must be done well.

This is to prevent the welding position of the steel frame from rusting in the humid environment of the bathroom, which will affect the load-bearing capacity of the countertop and ensure the service life of the sink.

Today we will take a look at some of the more classic sintered stone/stone sinks.

 A.Countertop and cabinet integrated sink

This type of sink is the way the countertop is made on the wall cabinet, and the wall cabinet is suspended in the air.

The advantage is that the countertop is on the wall cabinet, the overall force will be better, and all the pipelines can be hidden in the cabinet without affecting the appearance. And generally, there will be a large color difference between the countertop and the cabinet itself to highlight the visual senses.

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 B. sintered stone hidden sinking sink

The structural type of this washbasin is suspended in the upper part of the integrated basin under the rock slab counter, and the water is hidden, and under the countertop is the suspended cabinet.

This is a way to separate the cabinet and the countertop to make the countertop and the cabinet hang in the air, compared to the traditional way of sinking. The advantage of this is that the overall washbasin is divided into two parts, which increases the storage function and the sense of hierarchy of the space, and the shape is relatively novel, giving people a bright feeling. And the unique texture and texture of the rock slab also add a lot to the overall shape. The disadvantage is that in my opinion, the countertop of the undercounter basin and the hanging cabinet will occupy a large part of the space of the sink, making the exposed space less and not concise enough.

In terms of color matching, it is generally mainly dark-colored or dark-colored washbasins on light walls, and light-colored washbasins on dark walls.

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C. Double-layer stone countertop washbasin

This sink is divided into two layers, the upper layer is a suspended stone undercounter basin, the lower layer is a suspended stone countertop, the upper hem is generally 200mm, and the lower hem is generally 60mm. You can also add light strips in each layer to increase the level of light enhancement. This is the shape that is very popular with customers now. The shape is simple and the material is single and uncomplicated. It not only satisfies the upper and lower layers without wasting space, but also satisfies our storage needs. And generally they are made of the same material, so the color patterns of the upper and lower layers can be perfectly combined.

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