Robot water jet cutting machine solution


Waterjet robots are used for cutting, drilling and cleaning various materials. The tool at the end of the robot arm can guide high-pressure water or water flow. Waterjet robots are widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, food, textile and packaging industries.

Without chemical solvents, water can circulate-keep circulating. When using a water spray robot, accuracy can reduce wasted products. They are heat-free, dust-free, and smoke-free. The waterjet robot system will improve the quality of your products and minimize waste.

The robot arm cutting solution is used to cut 3D parts like auto car parts and structure parts and helmets etc.   

The solution is used to cut helmets, the cutting table can be rotated.  When we cut the helmets, the other cutting position can be unload the finished helmets and install new helmets to improve the cutting efficiency. 

1. Rated loading: 10kg

2. Robot arm working area: 1500mm

3. Repeat accuracy: ±0.05mm

4. Axis quantity: 6 axis

   First axis: ±165°

   Second axis:  +165°/ -75°

   Third axis:  +78/-76.5

   Fourth axis: ±360°

   Fifth axis: ±115°

   Sixth axis: ±450°

5. Robot arm weight:  120kg

HD waterjet is an authorized integrator of ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, and FANUC cutting robots. We have experience integrating robotic cutting systems throughout China.We provide professional service to ensure your needs and help you broaden your market share

The after sale service agreement




●  The buyer will afford the visa ,round-trip ticket, food, hotel and service fee 100 USD/DAY, total 10 days are enough.


●  After water jet cutters arrive in appointed place, the buyer should not try to install the machine or open the package before engineer come.

●  The seller shall lay out cutters (the buyer shall cooperate with the seller) and the buyer shall offer water supply & power supply. Then the seller shall offer field assembly, service test, and 7-day to 10-day operating & maintenance training (the buyer shall offer trainees and positive cooperation with the seller).


●  Warranty shall remain within 12 months since the date that assembly and service test of waterjet cutters is finished.

●  Operators of the buyer shall provide daily maintenance


●  The seller shall be responsible for damage risen from performance & quality of waterjet cutters, whereas the buyer shall be responsible for damage of waterjet cutters risen from the buyer’s improper operating.

●  The buyer shall contact the local agent or the seller for purchase of consumable parts and spare parts. The local agent or the seller shall provide unified prices and long term supply. The seller will afford the freight to send parts in warranty, and buyer afford the freight to buy consumable spare parts.

●      Services Response: The seller promises that it will help the buyer to solve troubles by telephone, fax or email within 12hours when it receives the buyer’s writen notice. Moreover, if the buyer can not solve troubles, the seller also promises that it will send engineers to the buyer’s place to solve troubles when the seller receives the buyer’s writen notice.


Technical Training


●      UHP Intensifier principle

●      Introduction of every parts

●      Wear parts replacement

●      Elimination of normal troubles

●      Magnetic Car maintenance

●      On-off valve, cutting head maintenance.

●      Robot arm introduction

●      Robot arm maintain

●      Equipment operating

Waterjet Robots

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