Waterjet Glass Cutting Machine

Want to enhance glass processing efficiency? Consider investing in water jet cutting machines! Our machines utilize advanced water jet cutting technology to precisely cut glass, enabling efficient production. Save time, increase output, and ensure quality! Purchase our water jet cutting machines now to bring greater success to your business!

Product Description

The waterjet glass cutting machine is primarily used for cutting glass. Water cutting has found numerous applications in home appliances, automotive, bathroom, and building decoration glass. A water jet cutter can easily open fragile glass without any issues. Many users have found that using a HEAD Waterjet is versatile and cost-effective, allowing for the cutting of complex colored glass and opening glass with ease.

1. Product Presentation of  Waterjet glass cutting machine

Water cutter glass cutter consists of CNC water cutter cutter platform(Optional floortype loading system platform), CNC system, super high voltage generator and automatic sand supply system.


2. Product Parameter of Waterjet glass cutting machine

Type: gantry cutting table
Maximum cut range (MM): X=3000mm Y=2000mm
Z-axis stroke: 150mm
Control accuracy: ± 0.01mm
Cutting accuracy: ± 0.1mm
Repositioning accuracy: ± 0.025mm / m

3. Product Characteristics and Application of Waterjet Glass Cutting Machine:

A high-pressure waterjet can be used to cut almost any type of glass, regardless of thickness, due to its contribution to the injection erosion process.The water jet technique is a cold cutting method that produces minimal heat, ensuring that your glass object is not distorted and there is no damage to your material.Waterjets are an environmentally friendly solution because they do not use hazardous waste. Additionally, the inert garnet used in the process is recyclable, and the process does not leach heavy metals. It is important to wear protective gear when handling and removing the garnet-containing material.

4.Key Benefits of Cutting Glass with Waterjet

  • Easily cut complex patterns
  • with increased productivity, fast cutting, and high-quality parts.
  • The minimal kerf allows for incredible detail and raw material savings by reducing scrap.
  • Operating costs are low, as waterjet orifices and abrasive focusing nozzles only require occasional replacement.
  • The cutting is omni-directional, even at tight inside corners.
  • The cutting process requires minimal clamping and exerts minimal lateral or vertical forces.
  • It is a single-pass cutting process that depends on the thickness of the material being cut.
  • The process results in net or near-net cutting, requiring little or no hand finishing.
  • This process reduces tooling costs and allows for lighter, more flexible tooling.

Cutting Samples

Waterjet Glass Cutting

Can glass be cut using a waterjet?

Not only is glass cutting possible with a waterjet, but it has become the standard method in many industries due to its efficiency in terms of time and cost.The technology for cutting glass with waterjets has advanced significantly, making it the preferred choice for precise internal cutouts.Waterjets are suitable for cutting various glass products, such as

Glass Table Tops

Shower Door

Insulated Glass


Appliance Glass

Bend Glass

Why is a waterjet the ideal tool for cutting glass?

Waterjet cutting of glass has gained popularity and is favored by many industries because of the exceptional versatility it offers. HEAD  Waterjet offers top-quality machines capable of cutting delicate lead glass as well as thick and strong glass products. Waterjets also allow for cutting any shape, no matter how intricate, in a shorter time compared to other glass cutting methods.  waterjet glass cutting provides excellent edge quality without blurring and often eliminates the need for additional finishing processes. It is a time-saving and cost-effective solution.

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