Tyre Section Cutting Machine For Tire Quality Testing

HEAD Waterjet Tire section testing and cutting equipment achieves dust-free cross-section cutting of both semi-steel and all-steel tires, with high efficiency and excellent cutting quality. Say goodbye to the smoke and burning issues caused by traditional sawing machines cutting rubber.



Tyre section cutting Quality testing (3).jpg

Tyre section cutting Quality testing.jpg

The advantages of using waterjet cutting for tire section testing are as follows:

  • Dust-free and smoke-free - Unlike traditional sawing, waterjet cutting does not produce any dust or smoke, meeting environmental requirements.

  • Efficient and energy-saving - Waterjet cutting uses high-pressure water and abrasive to quickly complete cutting without mechanical friction and heat deformation, thus avoiding energy waste.

  • High precision - Compared with traditional mechanical cutting methods, waterjet cutting produces surfaces with high smoothness, better quality and dimensional stability of tire sections.

  • Fully automatic operation - The firmware system of waterjet cutting can start the automation programming function to further improve work efficiency and reduce the possibility of error.

  • Applicability - Waterjet cutting can be set according to the required material and thickness, and widely used in cutting various metal and non-metal materials, including tire sections.


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