Tube And Plate Waterjet Cutting Machine

Waterjet cutting machine for both metal sheet and pipe cutting. the sheet cutting area is 2000mm*3000mm, tube cutting length 6m, tube diameter 20mm-200mm

Product Description

5-axis head took the tilting head a step beyond and cuts beveled and 3D parts with a 45 degree angle. 5-axis head gives you the ability to cut parts even faster with more accuracy than ever.

Water jet cutting head Technical Parameters

-Bevel axis (A): ±45°

-Rotary axis (C): ±540°

-Control accuracy: ±0.01mm

-Angle accuracy: 0.01°

Max 5 axis waterjet cutting head is based on the standard three-axis (x-axis Y-axis Z-axis) and adds the a-axis (rotation around x-axis) and the c-axis (rotation around z-axis), which can achieve large-angle deflection。By using state-of-the-art technology and Italian ECS control system, it can produce 0-±45° or more inclined cuts with a maximum rotation angle of up to ±540°.Therefore, it can achieve the effect of 3d waterjet cutting.

With Max 5 axis water jet cutting system HEAD WATER JET has been widely used in cutting industry with high-precision requirement, such as cutting cone, arc-shaped impeller, gear and other workpieces.

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