Small Tensile Stretch Parts Metal Inspection Cutting Water Jet Cutting Machine

The machine integrates a sleek design with a robust gantry structure, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality. This unique combination enhances rigidity and stability, ensuring smooth, accurate, and safe operations. By fusing the machine bed and cutting table, we’ve achieved superior alignment accuracy and reduced the complexities of installation. This integrated design not only streamlines the installation process but also makes it easier to use, saving time and enhancing user convenience.

Product Description

The design incorporates a protective cutting platform that not only reduces noise but also features an intelligent protection system, effectively preventing water splashes and other potential hazards during cutting, ensuring both safety and aesthetics. The cutting head system employs the AB five-axis cutting system, and its cutting compensation functionality effectively ensures the vertical accuracy of the sample cutting surface. The equipment is fitted with an elevating cutting platform, capable of submerged cutting to minimize noise and meeting the cutting requirements for large-diameter tubing samples. For the main control system, the internationally renowned ECS water cutting system is chosen to better realize intelligent cutting.


water cutting machine


Technical Information


​Technical parameters
Net weight(t) 1.65   (t)
X, Y , Z travel(mm) 1000*1000*150mm   (3.28’*3.28’*0.49′)
Control accuracy (mm) ±0.01   (±0.00039”)
Repeat positioning accuracy (mm) ±0.05   (±0.00197”)
Cutting accuracy(mm) ±0.1   (±0.00394”)
Max cutting thickness(mm) 100mm   (3.937”)




Cutting Video

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