Small Stretch Parts Metal Inspection Cutting Water Jet Cutting Machine


Product Description


Stretch parts inspection cutting machine

1. Small equipment, saving space.

2. Enclosed protection, Avoid splashing, safer operation, and the induction type safety protection door will be under emergency pressure if opening the door during operating.

3. Moderate appearance, neat and beautiful, can be customized according to your specific requirements.

4.Suitable for use in laboratories, schools, research institutes, and places are limited

5. Stretch parts cutting machine inspection

Design ideas:

This machining center is specially designed by HEAD Waterjet for scientific research institutions and university laboratories. Totally-enclosed design can effectively reduce noise, prevent mud splashing and provide operators with effective protection; Besides, the design of monoblock is convenient for installation and disassembly.

Technical Information

​Technical parameters
Net weight(t)1.65   (t)
X, Y , Z travel(mm)

1000*1000*150mm   (3.28'*3.28'*0.49')

Control accuracy (mm)±0.01   (±0.00039'')
Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)±0.05   (±0.00197'')
Cutting accuracy(mm)±0.1   (±0.00394'')
Max cutting thickness(mm)100mm   (3.937'')

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