Oil-Immersed Structure 3000*2000mm Waterjet Cutting Machine

The guide rails and ball screws are submerged in an oil tank, ensuring consistent lubrication and shielding the drive system from abrasive and water splashes. This design not only enhances cutting precision but also significantly extends the machine’s lifespan. It addresses the accuracy degradation commonly seen in traditional water jet cutters, ensuring consistently precise cuts regardless of the time of day.

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Benefits of Waterjet Oil-immersed Transmission Mechanism:


  1. Enhanced Stability: Superior to traditional systems, the oil-immersed mechanism ensures precise control over cutting speed, pressure, and direction.

  2. Quieter Operation: Utilizing refined oil for lubrication results in a smoother mechanism with reduced noise, especially when compared to the grease or liquid lubricants of traditional systems.

  3. Effortless Maintenance: With the lasting lubrication effect of refined oil, there’s no frequent oil replacement, making maintenance simpler and more cost-effective.

  4. Extended Durability: The oil-immersed system outlasts traditional mechanisms. Common wear-and-tear issues in traditional systems, like bearing wear due to subpar lubrication, are minimized.

Technical Information


Model number HEAD3020BA
Cutting size 3000*2500mm (OTHER SIZES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE)
Table Load Capacity 1500 kg/m^2
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Reciprocating positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting speed 1-5000mm/min(It depends on different materials)
Motor 37KW/30KW
Warranty period 1year
After-sales service On site installation training and online consulting services
Travel Z-axis 150 mm


water jet cutterwater jet cutter


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