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Product Details

HEAD Waterjet provides cutting solutions for a variety of industries. Using the latest technology and design, provide the products you need to cut, we will make free cutting samples for you



Designed according to customer needs

  • The 3020BA waterjet machine is designed with value in mind, taking ROI to the next level in the waterjet industry.
  • Advanced HEAD technology and integrated steel construction provide a solid foundation for powerful cutting.

Increase productivity easily

  • The HEAD3020BA can handle tough production tasks with ease.
  • Dynamic waterjet machines take the efficiency and precision of cutting parts to the next level.
  • It takes up little space and is quick to install, making your waterjet operation easy.

Reliable service support

  • You’ll receive world-class service for improved performance and reliability. From the standard configuration of every HEAD3020BA to certified HEAD technicians ready to support you.
  • Our engineers hold visas for multiple countries and are willing to travel to support you.


Technical Parameters


we will show the ten major advantages of the upgraded water jet cutting machine:

1. This machine is a heavy-duty welding machine, twice as powerful as other machines; the equipment operates more stably.
2. The cross beam machine is an aluminum cross beam, which is compressed by 4300 tons of pressure. The hardness can reach IT7 level.
3. High-power servo motor, stronger power and more reliable accuracy
4. Using high-precision screw drive technology, the no-load speed can reach 15m/min. The equipment can operate at high speed to improve work efficiency.
5. It adopts a special thickened metal barrel, which can provide a platform load capacity of 500kg higher than its peers and has a longer service life.
6. Strict factory inspection. After more than 100 tests, the equipment can be sent to customers, ensuring that the product will generally last more than 10 years.
7. After-sales service stewards and others remind customers of regular replacement of spare parts and timely maintenance of equipment to avoid
8. The most cost-effective equipment with high quality, high speed, high power, high precision, high weight, high control, high after-sales service and high quality assurance
9. Using a profile protective cover, no moisture or abrasive will remain on the surface during the cutting process, which greatly increases the service life of the cover.
10. The structural design is more advanced and reasonable, ensuring that cutting can be performed throughout the entire stroke. After the bed structure is optimized, the stability is increased, ensuring smoother cutting operations.

Technical Parameters

Model HEAD3015BA
Working area 3000*1500mm
Z axis 250mm
Power 220/380/400/415/480V-50/60HZ-3PH
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Platform load-bearing capacity 500kg/㎡
Cooling model Air cooling/Water/Oil cooling
Cutting head Three-axis cutting head/AB5-axis cutting head/AC5-axis cutting head

Machine Video

Performance of the complete machine at European exhibitions

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