New Design 3000*2000mm 3 Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine


Product Description

The machines offer universal cutting solutions for the precise machining of complex geometries with cutting angle correction and bevel cutting. The models cover a wide range of cutting areas and can be customized with additional equipment options.The pressure intensifier pump core components is produced by the well-known manufacturer Accustream in USA, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-pressure technology.

The company HEAD waterjet has been manufacturing high-quality waterjet cutting systems since 2009 and is thus one of the first system providers on the china market for waterjet cutting machines!

This special field developed from our business field, which has been active since 2009, the automation and overhaul of machine tools and the construction of special purpose machines. Our customers worldwide benefit from this wealth of experience!



1. Integrated design

2. Harness optimization, increase shielding, improve anti-interference ability

3. The opening size is large, the maintenance window is large, and the maintenance convenience is increased.

4. Safety linkage, the equipment stops immediately when the maintenance opening is opened.

5. The rotation range is plus or minus 120 degrees

6. Integrated screen, key layout, ergonomic

Cutting table3000*2000mm
Max. pressure420MPA

Max. flow rate

3.7L / min

Electrical source voltage

3 phases 220/380/400/415/480V-50/60HZ-3PH

Max. diameter of nozzle / orifice1.02mm / 0.33mm
Z axis travel150mm
Max. delivery capacity of oil pump106L / min
Applicable cutting material

Sincered stone, Marble, Ceramic

Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper 

Warranty1 Year(not include the consumable parts)
Cooling model

Air cooling/Water/Oil cooling

The complete set of waterjet equipment includes:HEAD3020BA CNC cutting platform, CNC system, ultra-high voltage generator,

cutting head system(Optional 5AB/5AC 5axis cutting head)HEAD auto abrasive feeder system.


Installation & Debugging

  • Clients arrange technician getting training in our factory or we send technician to client's side until the

    operator masters the basic technique of using the machine.

  • The seller will provide technical guide online via e-mail, telephone, WeChat, WhatsApp or Teamview etc.

ControNest CAM-Software

Easy to operate CAM software

ControNest was specially developed for cutting machines

The software includes an embedded CAM module, with which CAD drawings, nesting and material databases can be imported, which means no expensive additional CAM software is required.

Cutting sample

cutting sample

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