HEAD Mini Desktop Water Jet Cutting Machine

Using an integrated gantry structure, beautiful appearance and reasonable structure, with good rigidity and stability to make the operation smooth, accurate and safe. The machine bed and cutting table are integrated. Make the load-bearing platform and machine bed more accurate, save transportation and installation time, and make installation and use more easy.



1. The mini waterjet shell adopts mono-block full protection mode, with small size and lightweight, which is easy to carry and transfer.

2. The three-axis platform of the mini waterjet has a delicate cutting stroke, which is suitable for cutting exquisite small samples.

3.  Simple operation , easy to install and place the workpiece, and easy to connect the high-pressure pipeline.

4. The mini waterjet is the form of a Flip up the door with a visual window to observe easily and there is no splashing when cutting.

5. In terms of safety protection, the flip door of the platform is equipped with a safety sensor. The cutting platform is automatically closed when the flip-door is opened.

6. The driving department is a three-axis gantry structure. The single-axis is designed with a cylindrical structure with a diameter of 120mm. Each driving part is completely built into the circular folding cloth.

7. The grid plate is welded in one piece, the flatness can be adjusted, and the single weight is about 6Kg, which is easy to carry and replace.

8. The sand supply system is built into the integrated platform, and the pull-type sandbox mode is adopted to facilitate the user to add the sand amount. The sand supply amount can be adjusted arbitrarily.

9. The height of the water level inside the water tank of the mini waterjet can be adjusted at will, which is convenient for cutting and drainage.

Product Details

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Technical Information

  Technical parameters of cutting platform
Cutting platform dimensions 

1100*900*1000(L * W * H mm)

(3.609*2.953*3.281' )

Total weight of cutting platform280(Kg)
X, Y travel


(1.017*1.017' )

Z-axis manual height adjustment


(0.98'' )

Maximum workpiece size


(1.444*1.411' )

No-load running speed 


(9.843 ' /min)

Positioning accuracy 

±0.01 (mm)

(±0.0003'' )

Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05(per 300mm)
Cutting accuracy


(±0.003'' )

  Technical parameters of booster system

1110*1130*700 (L * W * H mm)

(3.642*3.707*2.297' )

Maximum output pressure


(31908 psi/2200bar)

Continuous working pressure 



Output flow1~3(L/Min)



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