HEAD Stone Marble Ceramic Kitchen Sintered Stone Coutertop Waterjet Cutting Machine


Product Description


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Machine features


• 50 HP High  420 MPa pressure for smooth finish cutting at high speed.
• Main heart of Supercharger, "Intensifier" is "Made in USA".
• User friendly & minimum maintenance cutting head design with USA make "Water Switch Seal Kit" & other parts.
• All parts of machine are processed on Highly accurate YASKAWA servo motor (made in Japan). Which gives you trouble free operation & long life of parts.

• Specially  reinforced bed structure, so that the cutting head does not produce vibration during high-speed operation, the machine runs smoothly, cutting speed, high precision machining.

Max. pressure
Max. flow rate
3.7L / min
Electrical source voltage
3 phases 220/380 Voltage, 50/60Hz, 37KW, 50HP
Max. diameter of nozzle / orifice
1.02mm / 0.33mm
Max. delivery capacity of oil pump 
106L / min
Max cutting heads
1-10 cutting heads (1 for standard machine)

Loading system instruction

The cutting table adapts latest loading design, the max overturn angle is 85,the distance between loading material and ground is only 100 mm, max load-bearing is 1000 KG, hydraulic lifting and some other designs can meet the requirement of marble cutting. The situation many personnel are needed for loading material is changed, nowadays only 1 person is needed for the whole loading process. simple,convenient,greatly reduce the labor cost and minimize the marble breakage. This cutting table structure is 1st time adapted in domestic. It gains high praise once used by lots of marble cermic tile glass processing clients.

waterjet cutting machine

A. Press the green button to start the turning of the system, at this time, the hydraulic station is supplying the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinder.
B. Press the up button, the hydraulic cylinder begin to move, and the loading system begin to turn up
C. Press the red button to stop the loading system, when it stay in a certain angle level. Then you can put your cutting material on the system.
D. After you load your material, then press the down button, the loading system will go down and back to the water tank


In order to better optimize the consumption of waterjet sand (abrasive) in the water cutting process, we have optimized and upgraded on the basis of the original standard sand control system, and developed a new generation of electronic sand control system. The sand flow rate is controlled by the software to ensure the consistency of the cutting surface. It is especially suitable for high-precision processing. It can better record the sand supply parameters when cutting specific materials, optimize the water jet sand consumption, and reduce the water jet usage cost.


waterjet cutting machine

Figure For Machine and Patent

Patent Certificate

According to many years actual cutting experience .Shenyang Head Science & Technology Co.,specially design two types of loading system for brittle material cutting . Floor-type loading system for large piece of marble cutting The cutting table adapts latest loading design, the max overturn angle is 75the distance between loading material and ground is only 100mmmax load-bearing is 1000KG ,hydraulic lifting and some other designs can meet the requirement of marble cutting .

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