HEAD Portable Waterjet Cutting Machine

HEAD brand portable waterjet cutting machine is the flexible cutting solution for customers,which is mainly applied in wield surroundings for inflammable and explosive cutting,for instance,waste tank hole cutting ,gas pipe line cutting ,line of intersection and profile cutting ,and the sheet plate cutting.

Product Description

Portable Waterjet Cutting Machine

The features of portable water jet cutting machine:

1. Safety: Cold cutting, there isno thermal affection on materials

2. Compatibility: Only need oneset HP intensifier pump can match with different kind holding cars, can cut thepipe, plate and tanks.

3. Portable: No need the cutting table and CNC control system as standard water jet, no more place need, easyfor moving and installation.

Composition of portable water jet cutting machine


Application of portable water jet cutting machine


Field Explosion-Proof Construction Vehicle

Water cutting explosion-proof engineering vehicle specially designed for portable water cutting programs
1. Trailer chassis (paved road towing)
2.300MPa water pressure, to meet the cutting work requirements
3. Hydraulic booster design
4. The whole machine explosion-proof electrical parts design, to meet the specific environmental explosion-proof requirements
5. Air-cooled heat dissipation design, to ensure long-term stable work.

portable waterjet

Weight: about 1300KG
Volume: L2500*W1800*H1750(mm)

Pre-mixed explosion-proof portable water jet cutter


A pre-mixed abrasive water jet system combines abrasive and water under pressure before it reaches the cutting nozzle, creating a high-speed liquid-solid mixture. This setup offers high cutting efficiency while maintaining low working pressure.

The reduced working pressure in pre-mixed abrasive water jet systems enhances operator safety, especially in industries with flammable or explosive environments where strict safety standards apply. Pre-mixed abrasive water jets excel in such environments due to their ability to mitigate static electricity and temperature-induced sparks. This makes them well-suited for fire and explosion-resistant and anti-static operational settings.

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