HEAD Portable Waterjet Cutting Machine

HEAD brand portable waterjet cutting machine is the flexible cutting solution for customers,which is mainly applied in wield surroundings for inflammable and explosive cutting,for instance,waste tank hole cutting ,gas pipe line cutting ,line of intersection and profile cutting ,and the sheet plate cutting.


Portable Waterjet Cutting Machine

The features of portable water jet cutting machine:

1. Safety: Cold cutting, there isno thermal affection on materials

2. Compatibility: Only need oneset HP intensifier pump can match with different kind holding cars, can cut thepipe, plate and tanks.

3. Portable: No need the cutting table and CNC control system as standard water jet, no more place need, easyfor moving and installation.

mobile waterjet cutter.JPG   Perforated portable tooling.png   Hand held waterjet cutter.png

Composition of portable water jet cutting machine

Composition of portable waterjet.JPG

Application of portable water jet cutting machine

portable waterjet cutting machine

Portable waterjet application


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