HEAD Options & Accessories

HEAD accessories and advantages(options)

Laser Height Measurement System


Name:Auto Laser Height Measurement system

Use:It can allow just the height between nozzle andcutting parts by following the surface

AdvantageAuto Laser Height Measurement system is just a tool for measuring height data, not limited to the laser sensor, which brings more possibilities for height detection. Laser Height Measuring SystemThe laser sensor scanning height test is measured in non-contact mode prior to cutting, i.e. the scanning height test is calculated before loading the tool path file. Subsequently, the laser height measuring system is automatically adjusted during the process to keep the cutting nozzle away from the upper surface of the workpiece material to ensure cutting accuracy.



Loading system


Name:Floor-type loading system

Use:To load the cutting materials tocutting table


To solve the problem of broken glass and stone during loading, and to reduce labor costs, Shenyang Head Science & Technology Co. has developed patented loading systems based on many years of cutting experience. Two types of loading systems have been specially designed for cutting brittle materials.

Floor-type loading system for large pieces of marble and glass cutting. The cutting table features the latest loading design, with a maximum overturn angle of 75 degrees. The distance between the loading material and the ground is only 100mm, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 1000KG. The hydraulic lifting and other designs meet the requirements for marble cutting.

The patent number is ZL 201410324269.5.


Wireless Remote

Name:Wireless Remote

Use:cutting head control and adjust


  • Convenient wireless control of the water jet.
  • Display X, Y, Z coordinates, speed, step value, etc.
  • Ability to set any point on the workpiece, cutting speed, pitch value, oil pump on/off, water supply, pressure supply. High-performance wireless transmission technology, data encryption, strong anti-interference, stable performance

Automatic Sand Cleaning System

Name:Automatic Sand Cleaning System

Use:Clean up the deposited waste sand at any time without affecting the normal production


After the water cutter has been used for a long time, some waste sand will accumulate in the water tank. When it reaches a certain level, we will inevitably have to carry out sand removal operations. In the traditional sand removal, we must stop the machine, drain the water, and then dig the sand manually to remove the sand. After the sand removal is completed. The water tank must be filled with water again. The cumbersome process is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also delays the normal operation of the water jet cutting machine, the operation of the water jet sand removal system can be completed efficiently, conveniently and environmentally friendly. Once the product was launched, it was well received by the industry. After upgrading and innovation by designers, three generations of HEAD automatic desanding system have been launched for users to choose.


Collision Sensing Terrain Follower

Name:Collision Sensing Terrain Follower

Use:To assure the distance between cutting head and cutting part,The Collision Sensing Terrain Follower is an essential tool for working with uneven surfaces. In addition to maintaining precise standoff, the Collision Sensing Terrain Follower also detects potential collisions and pauses the machine to avoid hardware damage


  • Automatically maintains the correct nozzle standoff throughout the cutting process
  • Adjusts automatically to uneven surfaces

Water Treatment System

Name :Water treatment system

Use:To clear the hard metal ion, soft water


Please refer to the specifications for more information.
The system is designed to prolong the lifespan of the cutting head’s main components and high-pressure seals by eliminating calcium and magnesium from the water that enters the system.

This softens the water and extends the equipment’s lifespan. Additionally, the system can be used on multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously.
Water consumption is 2 tons per hour. The filtration and softening features guarantee the quality of the water used.

Large Five Axis Cutting HEAD

Name :Large Five Axis Cutting HEAD

Use:Maximum tilt 60 degrees, independent research and development, Vivon system, end customers for the stone cutting industry, under the counter basin


5-axis waterjet cutting systems provide flexibility and advanced operations for various applications across industries, particularly heavy machining. More manufacturing and fabrication businesses are adopting 5-axis waterjet technology, expanding the list of services for both internal and external customers.

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