HEAD Options & Accessories

HEAD accessories and advantages(options)


HEAD Options & Accessories


Name :auto height tracking system

Use:To assure the distance between cutting head and cutting part

Advantage:pneumatic,not affect the cutting

With height compensate function, the height tolerance is less than 0.2mm


Name:following device

Use:It can allow just the height between nozzle and cutting parts by following the surface

Advantage:Inspect and adjust during cutting on time, can close the function quickly


Name:continuous auto abrasive feeder

Use:to supply continuous abrasive

Advantage:no need to stop machine during feeding abrasive

Oil chiller、water chiller

Name:oil chiller、water chiller

Use:To cool the whole system

Advantage:better cooling way,for some high-temperature country,can recommend ,high temperature will affect the useful life of spare parts


Name:Soft water system(deionization system)

Use:To clear the hard metal ion, soft water

Advantage:improve the water quality,increase the spare parts useful life

Wireless remote handle

Name:wireless remote handle

Use:cutting head control and adjust

Advantage:for big size cutting table, when the cutting system is far from the cutting head , can do tool set

floor type loading system

Name:floor type loading system

Use:To load the cutting materials to cutting table

Advantage:To solve the problem of big size glass,stone broken during loading.reduce the labor cost.Patent products, only our company have this structure. To recommend use on 3020or 4020model

AB 5axis cutting system

Name:AB 5axis cutting system

Use:Solve the tilt angle problem of 3 axis , can do tilt angle cutting, max angle is 8 degree

Advantage:can be used in the marble pattern cutting.

Small size

Adopt the harmonic reducer ,more reliable

AC 5axis cutting system

Name:AC 5axis cutting system

Use:To solve the tilt angle problem of 3 axis,can do tilt angle cutting,max angle is 70degree.

Advantage :special tube design, small size, light weight 


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