HEAD Monoblock Type Waterjet Cutting Machine

Integral gantry type Structure features of Water Jet Cutting Table: Superior precision and stability are guaranteed by the casting beam and base frame of Y-axis. Lathe bed and water tank are non-detachable, After the annealing treatment of whole machine table (to eliminate the stress of 95%), it is much better than the VSR (to eliminate the stress is 35%),It can ensure the accuracy and stability in long time. X-axis and Y-axis adopt high-precision ball screw and guide linear rail.

Product Description

High precision AC five axis water cutting head, the high reliable absolute value encoder servo motor can be started without the origin switch, which saves the time of returning to the origin and reduces the mechanical failure of the whole machine. Precision 3D workpiece cutting can be achieved by using high precision and reliable speed reduction mechanism with positioning accuracy of 1.5arcmin, Wide range of processing big angle tilting, can make the cylinder pattern, big angle chamfer, car accessories, metal processing, and non-metallic composite cutting.


  • 50 HP High  420 MPa pressure for smooth finish cutting at high speed.
  • Main heart of Supercharger, “Intensifier” is “Made in USA”.
  • User friendly & minimum maintenance cutting head design with USA make “Water Switch Seal Kit” & other parts.
  • All parts of machine are processed on Highly accurate YASKAWA servo motor (made in Japan). Which gives you trouble free operation & long life of parts.
  • Y-axis cast beams and bases ensure excellent accuracy and stability.
  • The lathes and tanks are non-removable and the entire machine is annealed (eliminating 95% of the stress). It is much better than VSR (relief stress of 35%) and can guarantee accuracy and remain stable for a long time.
  • X-axis and Y-axis use high-precision ball screw and guideway linear guide
  • Standard component Includes:
  • One cutting table(2015)with Z-axis 200 mm travel,
  • One Intensifier Pump (420Mpa),
  • One CNC system
  • One 5-AB axis water jet cutting head


Shenyang Head Science & Technology Co. Is specialized in designing,researching and developing,manufacturing Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water jet Cutting Systems and relative parts.Till now Head has become famous manufacturer in China since founded and exported over 110 overseas countries. We have more than 20 series of self-developed designs and molds with CE, ISO,EAC, SGS, CSA certifications.

Product Parameter (Specification) of Monoblock Waterjet cutting machine

Efficient Cutting area 2000x1500mm 2500x1500mm 3000x1500mm
X axis travel 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Y axis travel 2000mm 1500mm 1500mm
Z axis travel 150mm-180mm 150-180mm 150-180mm
Weight 2550kg 2850kg 3250kg
Three-axis travel 2000x1500x150 2500x1500x150 3000x1500x150
AC five-axis travel 1600x1100x150 2100x1100x150 2600x1100x150
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Running speed Max. 9m/min
Load capacity of platform 500kg/㎡
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting speed As to detail material and thickness
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