HEAD Marble Ceramic Kitchen Sintered Stone Coutertop Waterjet Cutting Machine

Product Description

Table sizes 4000mm x 2000mm
Cutting accuracy +/- 0.1mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.02mm PC control 17″ touch screen NcStudio PC1MC=6A software *changes DXF documents from AutoCAD into NC process Serial communications between PC and CNC. Open database can shore parameter, click the material parameter will be loaded automatically Calculate length of line and cut-in automatically Control cut-out and cut-in automatically High Pressure Pump from 3800 Bar/55,000 Psi – 4137 Bar/60,000 made by Accustream/Hypertherm USA Cooling system Abrasive feeder Water cleaning gun Tool kit Consumables for one year



Cutting sample rock slabs

Machine features

Loading system instruction

The cutting table features the latest loading design, with a maximum overturn angle of 85 degrees and a minimal distance of 100 mm between the loading material and the ground. It boasts a remarkable maximum load-bearing capacity of 1000 KG and incorporates hydraulic lifting and other advanced designs, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of marble cutting.

This innovative design has completely transformed the material loading process, significantly reducing the number of personnel required. Now, only one person is needed to handle the entire loading process. This simplicity and convenience not only streamline operations but also result in substantial labor cost savings and minimize the risk of marble breakage.

Notably, this cutting table structure is the first of its kind to be adopted domestically. Its exceptional performance has garnered high praise from numerous clients in the marble, ceramic tile, and glass processing industries.

waterjet cutting machine

A. Press the green button to initiate the system’s rotation. At this moment, the hydraulic station begins supplying hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinder.

B. Press the up button to activate the hydraulic cylinder, causing the loading system to elevate.

C. To halt the loading system at a specific angle level, press the red button. You can then place your cutting material on the system.

D. After loading your material, press the down button to lower the loading system, returning it to the water tank.


Abrasive metering device


In order to enhance the efficiency of waterjet sand (abrasive) consumption during the water cutting process, we have made optimizations and upgrades to the original standard sand control system. The result is a new generation electronic sand control system. This system allows for precise control of the sand flow rate through software, ensuring consistent cutting surfaces. It is particularly well-suited for high-precision processing. Moreover, it can accurately record sand supply parameters for specific materials, optimizing waterjet sand consumption and reducing overall waterjet usage costs.



Auto Laser Height Measurement system

Detecting Surface Irregularities in Stone Slabs: For stone slabs that aren’t perfectly flat, laser height measurement technology can accurately detect surface undulations, aiding in the adjustment of the cutting path.

Automatic Adjustment of Cutting Head Height: During the cutting process, the machine can adjust the height of the cutting head in real-time, ensuring it always maintains optimal cutting conditions.






Figure For Machine


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