HEAD High Pressure Water Jet Pump

Intensifier pump: Longer running time, less maintenance,ultra high pressure pump with continuous operating pressure 55000psi [380Mpa].



Adopting the most advanced design concept and structural design, equipped with high-quality supercharger parts and constant pressure piston oil pump, combined with air-cooling machine for heat dissipation, that is, to ensure a strong cutting capacity and stable performance, and at the same time can be a long time of continuous work, suitable for large-scale batch production.


  • Hydraulic Boosting System: Employs a hydraulic pressure boosting mechanism using imported components to ensure stable, long-term pressure output.
  • Siemens (Beide) Three-Phase AC Induction Motor: Renowned for mature technology and stable quality, the Siemens (Beide) motor features a cast iron casing, high efficiency, low noise, minimal vibration, and up to 10% energy savings.
  • Siemens PLC Control: Powerful performance and expandable functionality for user-friendly future expansions.
  • High-Capacity Maintenance-Free Energy Accumulator: Utilizes innovative “TDM” technology for the energy accumulator assembly, offering a lifespan of over 5000 hours without the need for maintenance.
  • High-Pressure Pipes with Imported Materials: Manufactured using 316L seamless steel pipes from Germany’s ThyssenKrupp, these high-pressure pipes exhibit high resistance to bending and pulling, along with a high elongation rate.
  • Hydraulic Air-Cooled Cooler: Large heat dissipation area and high heat exchange efficiency. No need for a cooling water tank or complex pipelines, ensuring simple installation, low maintenance, and low operating costs.
  • Stainless Steel Secondary Boosting Pump: Unlike traditional cast iron pumps, the equipment employs a stainless steel water pump for secondary boosting, preventing rust and avoiding secondary pollution.
  • Industrial-Grade Water Purification System: Utilizes Japanese-imported industrial filter cartridges as the secondary water filter. The melt-blown production process maximizes the reduction of impurities in the water, extending the system’s lifespan.
  • Fault Notification Feature: Provides prompt notifications in the event of a high-pressure pump malfunction, facilitating quick identification of issues and timely resolution.
  • Triple Safety Protection: Includes automatic protection for low water pressure, motor thermal protection, and oil temperature overheating alarm functions.




 Technical Parameters        

Maximum pressure 413MPa (60000PSI)
Maximum flow rate of high pressure water 3.7L/min
Maximum driveable nozzle diameter 0.33mm
Maximum flow rate of oil pump 90L/min
Continuous cutting pressure range 50-340 Mpa (pressure can be set manually)
Main motor power 37KW/50hp
High pressure accumulator capacity 1.2L
Cooling capacity 750Kcal/h℃ (ambient temperature below 30 degrees Celsius)
Power supply 380VAC, 50Hz, 3-phase
Water source pressure > 0.4MPa, flow rate > 15L/min
Dimensions 2050 (L) x 1350 (W) x 1100 (H) mm


HEAD 420Mpa Direct Drive Pump

HEAD direct drive pump with fully automatic servo control system and output pressure control mode. Intelligent start-stop function. Over-pressure automatic shutdown and under-pressure automatic protection function.

HEAD direct drive pump.JPG high pressure direct drive pump.JPG HEAD direct drive high pressure pump.JPG

  • Crankcase drive system: with three-cylinder crankshaft connecting rod structure
  • Ultra-high-pressure booster system: (high-pressure cylinder, ceramic piston rod, high-pressure seals, low-pressure seals, high-pressure piping, check valve, etc.)
  • Dual-row water filtration system: (5Micron,1micron,tandem)
Main motor power 20hp/15kw Pump size 1600x800x900m
Pressure Range 60000Psi(420Mpa) Power/Powersupply 380VAC,50Hz(60Hz),3Phase
Continuous working pressure 46000Psi-55000Psi(320-380Mpa) Inlet pressure 0.4MPa
Maximum drainage capacity 3.5l/min Maximum gemstone aperture 0.33mm(0.013inch)

HEAD Russian Series 420MPa High Pressure Pump HEAD42037Z E23-MAX

  • 420MPa high-pressure pump, equipped with air-cooling system to ensure continuous operation of the equipment and effective control of oil temperature.
  • The high-pressure pump is equipped with an internal lighting system, which is convenient for monitoring the running status of the equipment and maintaining the equipment.
  • Enlarged oil collecting tank to improve the cleanliness of the equipment and reduce the maintenance work.
Maximum Output Pressure 420MPa
Continuous operating pressure 350-380MPa
Maximum oil pressure 21MPa
Maximum flow rate 3.7L/min
Power supply 380VAC 50Hz
Motor power 37KW
Maximum water nozzle diameter  0.35mm

HEAD 420Mpa Dual Supercharger High Pressure Pump

HEAD420EHI37Z.JPG HEAD 420MPa Intensifier.JPG HEAD 420MPa Dual Intensifier high pressure pump HEAD420EHI37Z.JPG

Dual intensifier high pressure pump.JPG HEAD 420MPa Dual Intensifier pump.JPG high pressure pump HEAD420EHI37Z.JPG

Main motor power 20hp/15kw
Pressure Range 60,000psi/4,137bar
Water Volume 0.92 gpm/3.50lpm
Dimensions-L*W*H(in/mm) 63*31*35/1,600*800*900
Max. Orifice Size at Max.Pressure 0.013”in./0.33mm
Power supply 380VAC,50Hz(60Hz),3 Phase
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