HEAD Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Cutting Machine

Waterjets cut fiberglass panels without delaying the cutting process because there is no need to change tools. With blades, since fiberglass is very hard, the blades become dull and replacement takes time and reduces productivity. There are virtually no limitations to water jet technology, including cutting fiberglass panels, paper, plastics, insulation, rubber, corrugated cardboard, and harder materials such as metal and stone.

Product Description

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Technical Information

Technical Information

Spindle parameters
Main part X-Axis Y-Axis Z-Axis
2 kW (2.68hp) 2 kW (2.68hp) 2 kW (2.68hp)
900mm (2.95′ ) 1500mm (4.92′ ) 100mm (0.33′ )
3m*2.2m*3m (9.84’*7.22’*9.84′ )
Total weight 5500 kg


Milling cutter part
Milling spindle motor 3 kW (4.02hp)
Milling cutter diameter 33mm (0,108′  )
Length 60mm  (0.197′ )
Feed amount 1-5mm (0.04”-0.2” )


Saw blade part
Saw blade diameter
400-500mm (1.31-1.64′ )
Saw blade thickness
5-8mm (0.2”-0.31”)
Speed 420mm/min

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