HEAD Five-Axis Saw Bridge Waterjet Cutting Machine

HEAD3520 CNC SAWJET-A5 Power your stone production with the industry’s leading HEAD SawJet Cutting Machine, Flexible, Operator-Friendly Stone Cutting Simple appearance design & Rugged and lightweight rigid structure & High precision transmission mechanism & Straight sawing function of large swing angle & Shaped water cutting function with large swing angle

Product Description

Combination of arc and line Surface and plane combination
Laminated surface combination Rigid weldment design
Lightweight weight reduction design Convenient adjustment design
High precision servo motor High precision reducer
High precision lead screw Maximum 65° bridge cut
Automatically adjust the angle Angle gradient
15KW high power sawing motor Maximum angle 65°of water cut
Servo height adjustment Optional altimeter

Technical Information

Basic parameter
L*W*H 4500MM*6550MM*3150MM

(14.764*21.49*10.335′ )

C-axis swing angle
9100KG Sawing motor power


X-axis travel

(13.123′ )

Saw blade diameter

(15.748” )

Y-axis travel 2500MM

(8.202′ )

Cutting thickness

(≤1.575” )

Z-axis travel 250MM

(9.843” )

Water tank flip angle
A-axis swing angle
Water tank load




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