HEAD 420MPa Dual Supercharger High Pressure Pump

HEAD 420MPa Dual Supercharger High Pressure Pump


HEAD 420MPa Dual supercharger high pressure pump

HEAD design HEAD420EHI37Z(panda) with simple aim: To help you succeed in cutting Industry

HEAD420EHI37Z, why is EHI, because EHI is the abbreviation of Exchange hydraulic intensifier, meaning exchange hydraulic booster, which means that the two superchargers can be exchanged. Therefore, the full meaning of the equipment model is HEAD 420MPa exchange hydraulic booster 37Kw high pressure pump. 

Dimensions(length x width x height)1770mmx1100mmx1280mm   
Highest pressure420MPa 
Continuous work pressure370-390MPa 
Boost ratio20:1  
Maximum displacement3.7L/min
 power supply380V AC50Hz
Maximum displacement of oil pump100L/min

Structure introduction 

  •  Equipped with a 2.2L accumulator with safety cover can get a very smooth water jet, cutting efficiency increase 10%, hydraulic system (waterjet system) has a longer service life.

  • All-steel welding frame, service life is 100 years

  • Double-core intensifier, high-pressure pipeline equipped with German MAXIMTOR high-pressure shut-off valve to accurately control the water flow.

  • This pump is designed for safe, reliable, continuous operation at 60,000 psi [4,150 bar] in tough industrial cutting applications

  • Provide the most advanced and powerful ultra high pressure system

  • Using HEAD420EHI37Z will minimize downtime and increase 10~20% production efficiency 

  • HEAD420EHI37Z is reliable and easy to maintain and operate. Easy to cut and trim large amount materials, including heat sensitive, fragile and tough materials. HEAD420EHI37Z is ideal for robotic arms (or portable water cutting)
  •  Industrial touch LCD screen (8 inches), real-time display of equipment operating status.  Problem handling is simplified, no need to use experience to judge

The frame structure is made of square tube 60x60x5 frame welded structure, which is more firm. Transportation is safer and more convenient. Secondly, the fuel tank adds a ball valve for easy maintenance and disassembly. This is mainly to facilitate the maintenance of the variable pump, and without the need to drain the tank oil, the ball valve can be directly closed to repair the variable pump. Finally, the electric control cabinet has built-in instructions for the book placement rack, which is convenient for customers to find.

HEAD420EHI37Z.JPG   HEAD 420MPa Intensifier.JPG   HEAD 420MPa Dual Intensifier high pressure pump HEAD420EHI37Z.JPG

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