Carbon Fiber Waterjet Cutting Machine

A Large project of water jet cutting machine + robotic arms. HEAD Tech built a whole production line for the customer and provided turn-key service, which effectively helped customers improve processing efficiency and realize intelligent production. If you are in need of cutting, please consult us and we will provide you with the best solution.

Product Description


1. The size of the material to be cut is 1000*1000mm fiberboards; 

2. a plurality of fiberboards are stacked inside the tooling fixture which receives and clamps materials

3. The cutting platform is 2515 monoblock, which adopts AB 5-axis system and bit 

4. There are two fixed Cutting Frames on each 2515 monoblock, and tooling fixture for fixing materials are placed on the corresponding frames 

5. Two 2515 cutting machines are placed back to back, and one Placing Frame with two working stations for loading and unloading is placed on one side. 

6. A GP180 robotic arm is placed between the two cutting machines, which is responsible for moving 、loading and unloading the tooling fixture for the two cutting machines

7. After the robotic arm moving and placing the tooling fixture on the Cutting Frame, the cutting machine starts to process the material. After the processing is completed, the robotic arm integrally carries the tooling fixture with materials to the Placing Frame, and repeats the steps above after removing the material.

robot waterjet cutting solutions.jpg

Technical Details

The GP180-120 is a long-arm version of the GP180, providing fast and accurate performance to boost productivity for high-payload handling applications. Featuring a wide work envelope, this robot uses a streamlined upper arm for easy access to parts in confined spaces. While the wide wrist motion range reduces interference with fixtures, the reduced interference design enables close proximity placement of robots. A heavy mechanical balancer is not required any more, and latest high performance Sigma7 servo drive technology is leading to fast axis speeds and powerful acceleration. A wrist with high moment and inertia ratings enables the GP180-120 robot to efficiently handle larger and heavier payloads for superior performance. In combination with a robot track, this robot is a perfect solution to feed large panels between different machines or workcells.

PAYLOAD 120 kg
WEIGHT 1,090 kg


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