2000*3000mm Waterjet Titanium Alloy Cutting Machine

Water jet Cutting Machine can be used for profile cutting application on Aluminum and the machine uses cold supersonic erosion to provide through cut. The highly pressurized water stream is forced through a tiny area which carries abrasive garnet to erode away the material.

Product Description

The Split Gantry HEAD2030BA waterjet was designed to be a mid-size waterjet with full-scale capabilities. Featuring a footprint of less than 129 ft2, the HEAD2030BAis a versatile machine that saves floor space while still being able to handle the toughest, industrial-size jobs. Engineered from the ground up, this mid-tier  Split Gantry-Series waterjet provides superior speed, accuracy, and strength.





Technical Information

Inner Table Working Area 3.000 mm x 2.000 mm(9.84’*6.56′)
Rapid Speed 0 – 9000mm / min (0-29.53′ / min)
Positioning Accuracy ± 0,02 mm(± 0,0008″)
Repeatability ± 0,01 mm(± 0,003″)
Max Number of Z-Carriages 2
Bulk Feed Hopper 400 lb SmartFeed Hopper
Drive Mechanism Ball screw driven in all axes

Live Picture

Russia waterjet cutting machine.JPG   Russia waterjet.JPG   Poland waterjet cutters.JPG

Mexico waterjet aftersale.JPG   waterjet cutters aftersale service.JPG   Turkey HEAD 2030BA waterjet.JPG

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