2000*1500mm Monoblock Waterjet Cutting Machine

Using an integrated gantry structure, beautiful appearance, and reasonable structure. With good rigidity and stability to make the operation smooth, accurate, and safe. The machine bed and cutting table are integrated. Make the load-bearing platform and machine bed more accurate, save transportation and installation time, and make installation and use easier.

1. The whole processing, the water tank guide surface is formed in one time,and the geometric accuracy of the machine is fully guaranteed, including parallel and ascending.

It Will meet the highest requirements,and the equipment will be more stable for long-term use.

2. Easy installation,saving assembly time and after-sales service.

3. Use absolute servo motor and LED warning light.

4. To ensure waterjet accuracy, cutting table frame is treated in overall heat treatment and stress relief treatment, it is never deformed.

5. Robust and accurate design for tight tolerance cutting and reliable operation.

Fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any competitive abrasive water jet in the industry.

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Live Picture

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Technical Information

Net Cutting Area X = 2.000 mm (6.56′)
Y = 1.500 mm (4.92′ )
Z = 150 mm (5.9″)
Inner Table Working Area 2.000 mm x 1.500 mm
(6.56′ x 4.92′)
Overall Dimensions 2.200 mm x 1.700 mm
(7.22′ x 5.58′  )
Rapid Speed 0 – 9000mm / min
(0-29.53′ / min)
Weight 2.000 Kg
(5.000 lb)
Positioning Accuracy ± 0,02 mm
(± 0,0008″)
Repeatability ± 0,01 mm
(± 0,003″)


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