1000*1000mm Small Laboratory water cutting machine

Full Protection Water Jet Cutting Machine combines outstanding performance with advanced safety features, offering research institutions and laboratories an ideal tool to meet a wide range of research and testing requirements.

Product Description

Design ideas:

The HEAD Waterjet machining center is meticulously tailored for research institutions and university laboratories. With a compact design, it is a space-saver ideal for locations with limited space like laboratories, schools, and research institutes. Its fully enclosed structure not only ensures noise reduction and prevents mud splashing but also guarantees the utmost safety for operators. An added feature is the induction safety protection door, which instantly responds under emergency pressure if opened during operation. While the machine showcases a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance, customization options are available to meet specific requirements. Plus, its monoblock design simplifies both installation and disassembly processes.


  • Compact design optimizes space utilization.
  • Fully enclosed protection ensures safer operations, prevents splashing, and features an induction safety door that activates under emergency pressure when opened during operation.
  • Sleek and customizable aesthetics cater to specific preferences.
  • Ideal for environments with space constraints, such as laboratories, schools, and research institutes.



Technical Information

​Technical parameters

Net weight(t)

1.65   (t)

X, Y , Z travel(mm)

600*600*150mm   (23.62”*23.62”*5.9”)

Control accuracy (mm)

±0.01   (±0.00039”)

Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)

±0.05   (±0.00197”)

Cutting accuracy(mm)

±0.1   (±0.00394”)

Max cutting thickness(mm)

100mm   (3.937”)

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