Productive Process

Productive process

Name: Flatness

High precision milling machine

HEAD waterjet milled by Japan high precision milling machine to guarantee the high flat surface of the main beam of the water jet table then keep the high precision during the cutting process


Name: Annealing treatment

Original: German

Annealing treatment for HEAD waterjet each parts to ensure its machine bed strong and no deformation

Accurate installation

HEAD water jet use precision meter to guarantee the ball screw and guiding rail installed parallel and flat on the main beam for the long time running and keep the high precision as well


Name: laser calibrations

Original: UK

HEAD water jet uses laser calibration to check and guide rail straightness and parallelism

Hardness test

HEAD water jet cutting machine use metal hardness tester to keep every parts of the intensifier including the high pressure parts and low pressure parts working in its best situation for the safe reason

Design and development

Assembly and debugging

Maintenance and repair

Technical solution seminar


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