Performance advantages of direct drive pump

Performance advantages of direct drive pump

Waterjet cutting machine is the use of high pressure water jet for cutting cold cutting equipment, mainly by the high-pressure pump, NC platform, jet cutting head, sand supply system and cooling system.

Water jet cutter consists of three parts: high pressure water jet generator (high pressure pump), CNC machining platform, jet cutting head, sand supply system and cooling system.

Ultra high pressure water jet generator (high pressure pump)

As the power source of the waterjet, a common technical solution is a hydraulic motor driving a supercharger to generate an ultra-high pressure water jet. The pressure of ordinary tap water is increased to tens to hundreds of MPa (1 MPa is approximately equal to 10 bar), and it is ejected through a beam nozzle with extremely high kinetic energy.

Shenyang HEAD Science and Technology Corporation, which is a professional waterjet cutting machine manufacturer.

Direct drive pump structure is simple, to help you save power,

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1. Electric energy directly converted to mechanical energy, which reduces energy loss

2. The main motor starts only when cutting, saves the power

3. Servomotor can perform drilling at low-pressure , cutting at high-pressure

4. Simple in structure, low failure rate, easy to troubleshoot

5. Three-cylinders design provides stable output pressure,  the pressure drop within 1Mpa when reversing

6. Cutting speed increased by 10% to 20% than that of hydraulic pump at a same pressure 

7. No cooling system required

8. Continuous and stable output of high-pressure water, high cutting efficiency, round-the-clock running

9. With both torque mode and speed mode, torque mode is used for cutting with a constant pressure, speed mode is used for maintenance, with the funciton of low-pressure alarm. 

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HD waterjet cutting machine Direct Drive Pump

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