How to guarantee the safety of cross-border transaction funds?

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Chinese brand-HEAD waterjet, Credit guarantee champion!

How to guarantee the safety of cross-border transaction funds?

Alibaba Trade Assurance is your first-choice for trading. After accumulating transaction amount, quality assurance and 100% delivery rate, HEAD currently ranks first in the industry in credit insurance, which is 50% higher than our peers.

Using Alibaba Trade Assurance: 1. Buyers' funds are collected by Alibaba platform. Alibaba will transfer the funds to the seller’s account after the shipment is confirmed to protect the safety of the buyer’s funds.

2. After confirming the order, clarifying the delivery date on Alibaba platform and visualizing the progress of the transaction, so that the buyer can know the  order progress at any time.

3. If there is a delivery problem, Alibaba can arbitrate all the terms agreed upon by both parties to protect the rights of both parties.

4. Support payments in various currencies around the world.

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