How to use tapers to your benefit

water jet cutting machine

What is taper?

Taper refers to the inclination of the edge of the material when cutting with a water cutter. This kind of processing can corrode the material and will naturally lead to the appearance of taper.

How does the taper effect occur?

First, the water jet increases as it moves away from the nozzle. This can create a tapering effect on the cutting line so that it does not form a right angle to the metal surface. In addition, the speed at which the cut is made determines which conical effect occurs, for example, not enough or too much time is used to make the cut. The thickness of the material also plays a role in the natural form of water passing through the material.

Different categories of taper

V-shaped. V-shaped means that the upper part is wider than the bottom part. This is because the time spent on the top part is longer than the bottom part when cutting. On the contrary, the taper is that the bottom is wider than the top, and it usually occurs when the cutting speed of soft materials is slow, because the water jet will expand after coming out of the sand tube, and its moving range (width) at the bottom of the material is larger than that at the top.

Barrel taper This taper is wider in the middle than at the top or bottom. Generally occurs when cutting thick materials

The rhomboid or trapezoidal taper is actually a kind of V-shaped taper, but it is tilted because the sand pipe is cut at an oblique angle.

Prevent cone effect

By fine-tuning the nozzle to best guide the water jet, the cone effect can be eliminated or controlled. The cutting speed must be adjusted according to the type and thickness of the material. It is even possible to compensate for the taper by adjusting the angle of the nozzle so that the end result is a rectangular cut without any taper.

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waterjet cutting machine

waterjet cutting machine

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