How to select cost-effective titanium alloy cutting machines

In the field of titanium alloy cutting, it is crucial to choose a cost-effective cutting machine. However, the numerous brands and models of cutting machines on the market are dazzling, making it difficult for many customers to determine the machine that best suits their needs. Taking into account academic literature and the experience of industry experts, the author has summarized the information and will share some suggestions on how to select cost-effective titanium alloy cutting machines.

Titanium plates can be processed in a variety of ways, including cutting, drilling, bending and welding. These processing methods can be selected and applied according to different needs and product manufacturing requirements.During the processing of titanium plates, attention must be paid to evaluating the special properties of titanium metal to avoid excessive cutting and processing, which may cause deformation and damage to the titanium metal and affect the quality of the final product. Can titanium be cut with a laser cutter?

The answer is yes, Both waterjet and laser cutting work well for cutting titanium sheets. However, there may be reasons to choose one over the other. Water jet is a reasonable choice because laser cutting of titanium alloy will waste a lot of material due to the principle and characteristics of laser cutting and requires secondary grinding (removal of the oxide layer). However, water jet is a cold cutting and does not require secondary grinding. Ideal cutting tool for cutting titanium alloy plates.For customers who need to cut titanium alloys, waterjet cutting machines are an efficient, precise and environmentally friendly option.

In this article, we’ll share how to shortlist a cost-effective waterjet cutting machine that meets your needs for cut quality and cost-effectiveness


Learn about your needs

First, you need to identify your needs. Consider your budget, cutting accuracy requirements, and expected production volumes. These factors will help you narrow down your choices and better find the model that’s right for you. price range:

The price range for purchasing water jets is wide, with European and American water jet brands usually priced above US$120,000. In comparison, water jet cutting machines made in China have better cost performance and are more affordable, generally between US$50,000 and US$80,000, and can provide stable performance and good after-sales service.

Commonly used titanium plate sizes include 1m2m, 1.2m3m, 1.5m*6m, etc. When selecting a machine model, it needs to be determined according to the actual required plate size (a cutting platform with a size of 2000*6000mm is a commonly used model for cutting titanium alloy) to ensure cutting effect and work efficiency. At the same time, depending on production needs, you can consider investing in larger-size models to improve production efficiency.


Research market brands and reputation

There are various brands of waterjet cutting machines on the market, and their quality and performance vary greatly. Therefore, be sure to conduct market research to understand each brand’s reputation and user reviews. Choosing a brand with a good reputation can better protect your investment.

The market sales of various waterjet manufacturers can be queried through customs data. After all, customers are very discerning, so you can’t go wrong buying from the crowd. You can find HEAD Waterjet through internationally renowned platforms such as Google, Alibaba, Facebook and YouTube. According to data, HEAD waterjet’s export data in 2023 ranked among the top. Customers appreciate its performance and quality. In addition, customer testimonials and high-quality pre-sales, during-sales and after-sales services are also one of the important reference factors for choosing a waterjet supplier. By understanding the experience and reviews of other customers, you can better judge the cost performance and applicability of the water cutting machine.

Consumables cost

The cost of consumables for waterjet cutting is relatively low, mainly including water and abrasives. Compared with other cutting methods, water jet cutting does not require additional chemical solvents or energy, saving costs and being more environmentally friendly. According to the cutting needs and plate material, the usage of consumables can be flexibly adjusted to further reduce costs. Water jet machines are relatively cheap to operate. After all factors are taken into consideration, the cost to run a waterjet cutter is approximately $14.00/hour.
If you need an abrasive mixture (garnet sand), you need to pay extra. Usually the price range of abrasive is 2300 yuan/ton, and it is 20-25KG an hour. The consumption is closely related to the power of the high-pressure pump and the time you spend cutting.

See the table below for specific consumables

Orhces (ruby) 14.00 $/h
Mixing Chamber
High Pressure Seals
Low Pressure Seals
Power (S0hp Pump)
Cutting Water (5Ohp, 1gpm)
Coolling Water (50hp, 3gpm)



When choosing a titanium alloy cutting machine, in addition to paying attention to the price of the equipment, you must also consider factors such as the equipment’s brand reputation, configuration, and subsequent consumable costs. I hope the guidance in this article can help you select a cost-effective water jet cutting machine to meet the needs of titanium alloy processing.


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