High-pressure water jet cutting concrete

The research on the process parameters of high-pressure water jet cutting is mainly to improve its cutting efficiency. The experiment mainly studies the impact of the two key parameters of travel speed and target distance on high-pressure water jet cutting and mixing.

The influence of the cutting depth of the concrete, the best target distance range of this type of high-pressure water jet cutting machine when cutting concrete should be between 30~40mm, and the mixed jet cutting machine tool will be analyzed after analysis.

The reason for having the best target distance. These research results provide important parameter basis for follow-up experiments.

The best approach to cutting concrete usually involves the use of a high-pressure stream of water in tandem with an abrasive.  Usually, the latter is made from inexpensive substances like silica glass and red garnet.  When fractured, both materials form sharp edges that are excellent for cutting through other hard substances like concrete.

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