HEAD waterjets are sent to Bahrain to help stone processing customers expand their businesses

The HEAD waterjet was sent to Bahrain. The customer is engaged in the stone processing industry. In order to ensure effective protection of the equipment during transportation, Hyde waterjet has done a lot of work to ensure the safety of the equipment during transportation.

Five principles for the safe delivery of goods to customers:
1. The computer accurately simulates the space required for transportation of computing equipment.
2. Specialized technical personnel count the goods to ensure complete parts.
3. Securely load the goods in containers to avoid damage on the way.
4. The international leading logistics team cleans up customs declaration to ensure logistics timeliness.
5. Bear the premium to escort the goods.

HEAD has been delivering goods strictly according to the above principles for many years and the safety of cargo transportation has reached 100% and customer satisfaction has reached 99.87%. HEAD – your efficient transportation expert! HEAD Waterjet carries out transportation design in strict accordance with the international transportation standard (ISO 22982-2:2021). It is the basic requirement that the equipment structure design adapts to container transportation and can meet the lifting operations of different hoisting equipment. We can also customize transportation plans for customers according to the transportation requirements of different countries, and cooperate with the most professional international logistics companies and freight guarantee companies to maximize the guarantee that the equipment will be delivered to the customers on time. Customer expectations are the value of our serious work.

Chinese brand-HEAD waterjet,  Credit guarantee champion!

HD waterjet shipping

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