HEAD waterjet held a speech contest, focusing on customer-centered service

HEAD waterjet held a speech contest, focusing on customer-centered service


2021 is HEAD's "Year of Service". In order to change its thinking and improve the quality of customer service, Hyde organized all sales center and market operation center employees to hold a keynote speech contest on "How to Improve Customers' Commercial Value" on March 5 this year. After the competition, Our general manager Eric Wu put forward higher expectations for the performance of the players, and divided all the contestants into three teams, and handed over to the marketing center Miss. Tong and the sales center Miss. Qin to lead one team, and to guide one team by himself. The team meets for twenty days before the final decision. On March 29th, the three teams met as scheduled. Compared with the first time, the contestants are more fully prepared, whether in terms of presentation documents, speech skills, or ideological heights, they have made a qualitative leap compared with the preliminary rounds. The first "HEAD Service Cup Speech Contest" came to a successful conclusion


The competition is not an end, but a means to enhance employees' sense of service. As the president of the Northeast Business Association, President Eric Wu hopes to promote the internal speech contest to the entire chamber of commerce, so that all member units can work together and contribute ideas to achieve the purpose of internal exchange of experience in the chamber of commerce, and lead the chamber of commerce members to update their operations idea. It happened that Shenyang Dingsheng Group, one of the member units, was giving a speech on "How to Improve Customer Satisfaction" within the company. The two companies hit it off and decided to conduct a PK;


On April 1, Shenyang HEAD Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Dingsheng Group held a joint speech contest. After a month of preparations and selections, each side sent five elites to fight. In order to show the importance of this speech contest, the Chamber of Commerce invited four presidents Zhang Xinjun, Li Chunmin, Wei Dongqing, and Meng Fan to serve as referees.


Both sides of the speech contest continued to use their previous themes. The contestants of Hyde Technology focused on "How to Improve the Commercial Value of Customers", and the contestants of Dingsheng Group discussed "How to Continuously Improve Customer Satisfaction". The order of appearance is determined by a lottery.Every player's strength should not be underestimated. They start from their own posts, combine their work experience and insights, and share around their own themes. While the speaker leads the audience to think, there is no lack of humorous interaction. There was continuous laughter, continuous applause, and a warm atmosphere.


The players on the court are full of spirits, and the judges off the court are also constantly saying. The four big judges who have worked hard in the business for many years have unique views and clear logic. The comments are even sharper, spicy and sharp. If it weren't for all the players, they would have experienced many battles and had a strong mind. It would not be easy to survive this level!

After nearly six hours of fierce battle, the joint competition ended successfully. The contestants showed their style and achieved results. The partners Liu Jing and Chen Qi of HEAD Technology and the partners Yang Min of Dingsheng Group stood out among many outstanding players and achieved good results in the top three! The success of business operations lies in taking precautions. With the changes in the e-commerce environment, the rapid increase in the number of competing manufacturers, and the serious homogeneity of products, how Hyde breaks the siege depends on whether we can shift our attention from products to customers. Eric Wu  also hopes to use this competition to encourage employees to dig deeper into the improvement points of "improving service quality", and has experienced a revolution in thinking. 


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