HEAD Waterjet Cutting Machine installation and train schedule

Machine   installation and train schedule

Customer   name


Phone   number

Machine   model

Installation   time

Return   time:



Working progress

Finished   situation

The first day

1.           Check   accessory parts

2.           Confirm   preparation job

3.           Confirm   installation layout

4.           Put   water tank

5.           Put   water to water tank

6.           Put   intensifier pump

7.           Put   hydraulic oil to intensifier pump

8.           Y   beam installation

9.           X   axis and y axis installation

10.       Install   cutting system

The   second day

1.           Install   auto abrasive feeder system

2.           Connect   air supply

3.           Cutting   water and cooling water installation

4.           Connect   high pressure pipe

5.           Connect   cutting table electric

6.           Connect   electric between cutting table and cnc controller

7.           Connect   electric between cnc controller and intensifier pump

8.           Connect   380v voltage of intensifier pump

9.           Connect   220v voltage of 220v voltage

The   third day

1.           Cutting   table limit and zero point commissioning

2.           Cutting   table valid travel commissioning

3.           Lubrication   system commissioning

4.           X   axis and Y axis vertically commissioning

5.           Intensifier   pump commissioning

6.           Cutting   system commissioning

7.           Trial   cutting sample and try machine working

8.           Cutting   sample and check as per standard.

9.           Confirm   the machine working acceptance and signed.

The   forth day

1.           Train   how to make cutting file

a)       Drawing   by AutoCAD to .dxf file

b)       How   to use NCStudio (5 axis

2.           Train   how to use software fundamental function

a)       Turn   on/off cnc controller system

b)       Manual   menu usage.

c)        Auto   menu usage

d)       Common   use data setting

3.           Test   cutting file making progress and simulate cutting.

The   fifth day

1.           Train   how to operate

2.           The   preparation job before starting,

a)       Abrasive   usage includes filter, stock and adjustment of abrasive volume

b)       Air   pipe installation and air pressure adjustment.

c)        Transfer   abrasive pipe installation.

d)       Cutting   methods by manual.

e)       Cutting   methods by auto.

3.           Test   how to operate and train operator drawing and cutting.

The   sixth day

1.           How   to operate review and practice

a)       Cutting   file practice

b)       Operation   practice

The   seventh day

1.        Daily   maintainance item

2.        Train   how to solve common problem.pls check training item confirmation letter);

a)       Cutting   table common trouble

b)       Cnc   controller common trouble

c)        Intensifier   pump common trouble

3.        Training   item acceptance and signed

The eighth day



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