We totally know your feeling of getting a new machine which never used before, there is some worries, some excited, whole journey our HEAD will always stand with you. No need to worry at all, we will supply you whole-life after-sale service and technology support, you can find us easy and anytime. If you want to know more about our after-sale service system please contact us, we will send you for your reference.

We guarantee a period for our water cutting machine, for detailed period please refer to machine gallery.
In warranty, if any parts broken, we will send the replacement part to you by express for free, and you send the broken part back to us. For complex problems, we will send our engineer to your side for maintenance, it is free.

In order to allow customers to use equipment with confidence, HEAD Water jet company has the most stringent quality assurance system, scientific inspection process, strict control from the most detailed places, to ensure that every part and every process meets the quality standards. 

HEAD’s quality assurance system includes the following parts: 

  • Inspection before parts are put into storage. Each processed part will be inspected before storage, and the inspection items include dimensions, hardness, threads and matching inspections.

  • X-axis drive partial inspection. Three different point test methods, ensure the concentricity and level of the screw to ensure the accuracy of the transmission of the drive, thereby ensuring the operating accuracy of the overall equipment.

  • Platform travel inspection. Test and inspect the X axes, Y axes, and Z-axis, ensuring that all axial directions are returned to mechanical zero, ensuring equipment stroke.

  • Platform limit test. The X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis is performed separately, ensuring that all axial limit is correct.

  • Sample cutting test. After the device is debugged, the test is cut through standard prototype to ensure that the cutting accuracy meets the requirements.

  • Intensifier pump test. Intensifier pump inspection includes 168, boot test for more than 24 hours.

  • Overall equipment inspection. Check the overall appearance, labeling of the equipment, and ensure that the factory before the factory is in line with customer configuration.

  • Exported to the factory before the verification report. Before the equipment is leaving factory, the quality management center is issued before the factory inspection report. All inspection processes and processes can follow

Whenever you meet the trouble please feel free to contact us, our sales engineer and technician team that over 10 professor will taking responsibility in a very short time, usually they are 8 hours online for every working day. HEAD supply online-WHOLE-LIFE technical support. HEAD SUPPLY 4 to 1 VIP after-sale service, two after-sale service master engineers +one after-sale service manager+one professional sales manager to serve 1 customer, which can ensure solve all problems within 1 hours.HEAD machine maintenance is simple, and you do not need professionals to perform maintenance operations like European equipment. Your operators can directly operate and repair the equipment directly after a few days of our online training. Meanwhile, we have full files including operate videos, installation videos, maintenance videos and manuals and whole machine introduction for you to use. Until now, we have nearly 300 customers choose this way and using their machine so running well.

If you don’t choose online after-sale service, we also supply the local after-sale service as you want. We have engineers in the Nordic region, Turkey, Middle East, European region, amount 10 engineers. 

Laser is an high productive cutting system but water jet has many advantages over laser:

  • No thickness limits

  • No mechanics and heat change

  • No material limits

  • Maximum manufacturing and application flexibility (starting from rubber to titanium , from sponge to ceramic, from polystyrene to stone metal 60 Roc, from glass to stones, from gasket to the composites)

  • No environmental problem (no smog and pollution) because is a clean technology that use just ecological abrasive and water

  • Low manufacturing process cost

  • High performances

  • Minimum hole diamater from 0.1 (0,004” water only) and 1 mm (0,040”) hydro-abrasive

  • Accuracy from 0.05 – 0.15 mm. (0,002” – 0,006”)

If you encounter problems with waterjet cutters, you can always contact HEAD Waterjet. We provide your system with the following services: 24 hours support through our hotline to support customized full service and original spare parts expansion and maintenance support in the maintenance contract Do you need waterjet cutting machine operation support? We will also conduct appropriate training on site. Please contact us.

The costs of a water jet cutting machine vary greatly with the requirements of the customer and are therefore always determined individually. Important information on the following points:

    Desired size of the working zone

    Desired number of cutting heads

    Desired cutting method (2D / 3D)

    Material to be processed

A waterjet cutting machine can also be equipped a range of function tools and features at an added cost to support your speciifc production requirements. In addition to the acquisition costs, the cost of water, electricity, abrasives and ware parts should be taken into account in the planning.

In terms of cutting materials and applications, water jet cutting has almost no restrictions. This is a very efficient and precise method of cold cutting with water jet technology. High-pressure water with or without abrasives cuts a variety of materials without generating harmful heat. Smooth cutting edges and minimal cuts are the highlights of this cutting method. In cutting systems, high-pressure pumps and nozzles are used to generate high-pressure water jets

A water jet cutting machine uses highly focused water jets for cutting work. This non-thermal cutting process is as follows:

  • water is filtered and fed into the cutting heads with several thousand bar pressure.

  • The cutting heads move according to a fixed pattern over the material

  • The focused water jet cuts

In the meantime, the material also uses abrasives, depending on the material. Thus, high-precision cuts can be carried out without thermal distortion even on materials of various types and thicknesses.