Do you know what waterjet cutting machine?


Do you know what waterjet cutting machine?

People may not know it well.

It is a tool used in industry, which is of great help to our industrial production.

However, we need to pay attention to the daily operation of waterjet.

Do you understand? If you do not understand the operation of waterjet, we will write this article to help you.

  1. Nozzles period of time, the rotation angle can greatly improve the service life of a blast nozzle.

  2.  Please do not try to buy parts that are not provided by the manufacturer at a low price. Not only can you not get the quality of the parts, but it may also damage your equipment and cause greater losses. At the same time, you will also lose the manufacturer's warranty on your equipment, which is not worth the loss.

  3. You can backup parameters numerical control system in order to restore it if necessary.

  4. When the failure occurs, you cannot determine the cause of the failure,Please observe the failure phenomenon in detail and report to the waterjet customer service staff. Under the guidance of the customer service staff, analyze and determine the cause of the failure and eliminate it.

  5. Do you know how to quickly determine which end of the high and low pressure check valve is not well sealed? In fact, we can touch the high and low pressure parts at both ends with both hands. One end of the high temperature sealing effect was not good enough.

  6. In order to prevent water leakage when steel pipes are connected, the head of the steel screw must elevate more than three threaded screw.

  7. If a fault occurs, the problem can not be determined or oil in water, water may be partially removed, and then high-pressure water pumps and opening the switch, the reversing cylinder piston observation is normal.Determine whether the problem is water or oil failure

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