Cutting bing dwen dwen with water jet cutter?

Who is the top performer at the Beijing Winter Olympics? Of course it's the mascot "Bing dwen dwen "! People love him both at home and abroad!


Now Bing dwen dwen is hard to buy all over the world, our company can make it with a waterjet cutter, so you can trust HEAD whenever you want.


Bing dwen dwen combines an interesting panda image with an ice crystal shell rich in super energy, and the overall image resembles an astronaut wearing a transparent spacesuit. The shape of the head shell is taken from the helmet of ice and snow sports.

The shape of the spacesuit reveals the development direction of China to the outside world. The possibilities in the future are endless and are closely connected with high-tech. The little panda's name is Bing dwen dwen. "Ice" symbolizes purity and strength. " Bing dwen dwen" means a strong, optimistic and healthy person. Generally speaking, the name of the mascot embodies the designer's idea, while  Bing dwen dwen means creating the extraordinary, exploring the future, and embodying the pursuit of excellence, leading the times, and the infinite possibility of facing the future.


HEAD waterjet is attentive to the needs of customers. In the face of the situation that it is difficult to find a pier, HEAD waterjet can provide our foreign friends with free "cutting piers" service, and appreciate the special charm of waterjet cutting of various materials,


And presented the CAD drawings of Bing dwen dwen Use your own water jet to cut "Bing dwen dwen" to your friends and children, so that they can also feel the warm hospitality of China to Winter Olympic athletes and spectators.


HEAD waterjet has been focusing on solving customers' cutting problems for more than ten years, and has the largest and most professional waterjet technical team in China. We can provide free cutting sample service to solve all cutting problems for you! HEAD Waterjet provides experts in cutting solutions around you!

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