Application of water jet in aviation industry

The water jet can cut at any angle, producing parts around critical angles with little or no manual machining.

Water jetting is a cold cutting technique, so there is no thermal damage to the material. Aerospace composites can be drilled and cut using abrasive waterjet technology without surface stripping.

Abrasive water jets can be easily integrated with water jet robots, greatly reducing fixtures, reducing capital investment and enabling quick setup and job changeovers.

Waterjets cut composites faster, with longer tool life, no dust, cleaner and safer productivity.

With the rapid development of the aviation industry starting from energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, new processes and new structures are widely used, which brings new methods of seeking manufacturing. Aviation manufacturing is a key application area for "water jets".

The outer shell of the aircraft is mostly made of steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber materials. For this material, a large cutting machine, a 400MPa high-power high-voltage system, and a five-axis control cutting head can be used for cutting.

Frame structures such as fuselage, wings, and landing gear not only have high strength requirements, but also need to reduce their own weight and reduce energy consumption under the condition of meeting the strength requirements. Common materials for this are alloy steel, stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and carbon fiber, etc. From the tail of Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 to the wings of Boeing 7E7 and F117; from the turbine blades of jet engines to Apache helicopters, multi-functional water jet cutting machines, 400MPa high-power high-pressure systems can be used for these structural parts, 5-axis cutting head for cutting.

The pipes and connecting flanges of the ventilation system of the ventilation system are often made of titanium, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. For this material, a 400MPa medium and small power high-pressure system, a small and medium-sized cutting machine and a general-purpose cutting head can be used for cutting.

The interior parts, seats and other parts are mostly made of aluminum alloy and engineering plastic seat brackets to bear the load. Using foam plastic as pad, chemical fiber fabric, leather, artificial leather as foreskin, can use robot water jet (six-axis control), 400MPa medium and small power high pressure system, pure water cutting head for cutting.

Aircraft doors and windows and interior partitions are made of glass and laminated glass. Small and medium-sized cutting machines, 300~400MPa low-power high-pressure systems, general-purpose water jet cutting heads or water jet machining centers can be used for cutting.

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