Abrasive water cutting makes mosaic tiles more beautiful

Mosaic is an ancient and fashionable craft. It is said to be ancient because people began to use this mosaic craft to beautify the home environment in the cave era, but at that time they used stone shells. It is said that it is fashionable because this craft has kept pace with the times through the development of history, using new craftsmanship to make better patterns. The water jet plays an important role in it. Today, HEAD waterjet sand manufacturers will talk to you about the benefits of using waterjet technology for mosaics?


Although there are many application fields of mosaic, there are metal tiles, glass crystal, etc., but the current application is more in the ceramic tile industry. Mosaic tiles are bricks with a special way of existence, generally composed of dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large brick. It is widely used in indoor small-area floors, walls and outdoor large-scale walls and floors with its compact and colorful features. Because of the small size of the mosaic, some puzzles can be made to produce a gradient effect. In this case, when making a puzzle, the cutting surface of the tiles must have high requirements, so that there will be no large gaps or flaws affecting the cutting effect when splicing. The quality of the water jet sand has a great influence on the effect of water cutting. If the water jet sand contains large particles, the cut surface will be rough and require secondary treatment. It is a waste of labor and time, and this link can be omitted by choosing a good pomegranate sand. 


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