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Shenyang Head Science and Technology

Shenyang Head Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in designing,researching and developing, manufacturing Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Waterjet Cutting System over 10 years.We have independent workshop of 2,000 square meters and water jet laboratory to achieve a sufficiently complete production process.Our sales team has 30 people who serve tens of customers 24 hours a day, gaining 100% customer praise rate .And the technical team of more than 10 people obtains several technical patents every year, produced the largest waterjet equipment in China, HEAD45100 and HEAD20120.The production team of dozens of people is rigorous and serious.There are more than 500 steps procedure to finish one set water jet cutting machine.According to the latest statistics, HEAD has independently exported to 120 countries, become the top of export waterjet companies.

We have the highest Alibaba Credit limit in waterjet industry with CE & ISO & EAC & SGS certificate to guarantee the highest quality and fund security. At the same time, HEAD is the first platform for global market customization cutting solution, providing more than 6,000 cutting solutions for customers. We have more than ten customer service centers in the world including many countries such as Russia and providing one-to-one after-sales service.After-sales engineers with 10 years of experience fly to 20 countries to serve more than 2,000 customers worldwide every year, providing strong after-sales protection. HEAD help customers expand new business to occupy local market share, creating a trillion value for customers!

This is the excellent HEAD in the eyes of the world.

Message from the CEO

Why choose HEAD cutting solution?

In the past few years, we have witnessed exciting innovations in the field of water spray technology at HEAD. Our customer portfolio and profitability are self-evident. The basis of our continuous growth is our belief in innovation and application of new ideas. We are committed to providing the latest technology in waterjet cutting machines to best suit your application. We are always ready to improve the level of excellence in our field and exceed your expectations through unparalleled customer service and dedication. The quality of our products, management and global employees make HEAD a trusted partner.

We invite you to join our journey and hope that HEAD can become a part of your growth in the new market. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest in HEAD.

Historical Process

HEAD waterjet concept originated in 2009, our company general manager Mr. Wu Yu and Mr. Guo Hui. Mr. Ren Min co-funded to create HEAD waterjet company.


Our company successfully sold the first HEAD water jet cutting machine, and successfully applied for the first patent, and had determine the general development direction of HEAD in the future.


Our company had set up foreign trade and export team, and cooperate with Alibaba International Trade platform, officially opened the road of cross-border business, and successfully first export our HEAD water jet cutting machine.


The rapid expansion of our sales team, let our sales territory expanded to 25 overseas countries.


Our application of the patent has over more 10, and have a variety of business and product qualifications.

HEAD water jet AC five-axis dynamic cutting system won the Sliver of 2017 CIEME (China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo).


Our company successfully sold the first HEAD water jet cutting machine, and successfully applied for the first patent, and had determine the general development direction of HEAD in the future.


HEAD waterjet set up training centers, regular weekly training for staff, in February, the largest in the history of Asia CNC water cutting machine from HEAD, become a national high-tech enterprises in china


HEAD became national scientific and technological little giant enterprises. Established a laser cutting R&D team


HEAD's products are available in more than 109 coutries around the world.


In order to meet the cutting needs of HEAD customers, HEAD takes this as our brand mission "Make cutting no longer a problem". HEAD has a strong alliance with the three laser doctors of the laser technology research and development team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences-Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics.

Team Elite

Fighting by a group of young people who believe in “High-end Made in China”. Our designers, worker and sales service team serves the friends from all over the world with the spirit of Jinying. Jingying designers team offer color matching, usage guidelines, and professional advice on design.


Top Sales of China water jet cutting industry.



The best customized water jet solutions supplier.



Your best listener, top customized high cost-performance solution expert.



Provide you the Best help and bring you the Max value.



Service you with our 10 -year waterjet experience patiently.


Honor Certificate

Waterjet floor-standing flip platform

Ultrasonic shock diamond wire saw cutting equipment

Swirl sand removing device with easy cleaning and movable lifting

Slope compensation of CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine

Annular ultra-high pressure booster for waterjet cutting machine or water washing machine

Gears and racks   gantry ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting equipment






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To be the enterprise with the most sense of employee achievement


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