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Professional waterjet technology team to create the right water cutting machine for you

Shenyang HEAD Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machines. Our product line includes CNC cutting platforms, high-pressure generators, CNC systems, automatic abrasive supply systems, and optional add-ons like five-axis cutting heads, automatic sand removal, laser height sensing, and rotating platform.

Our R&D team focuses on creating specialized machines for various industries, including tire cutting, glass cutting, stone cutting, inspection cutting, and machines for educational and research purposes.

To meet high-quality requirements, we employ a stringent supplier selection process, sourcing core components from renowned international brands. Our cutting platform features a one-piece aluminum beam for optimal structure, rigidity, and flexibility. The machine's main body is made from 8mm thick large square steel welded and subjected to aging treatment, ensuring permanent deformation resistance. Additionally, concrete is poured inside the steel frame to eliminate vibrations during operation.

Shenyang HEAD waterjet products are widely recognized for their exceptional quality. Experience top-of-the-line waterjet cutting solutions that cater to your specific needs and expectations.

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Professional waterjet technology team to create the right water cutting machine for you

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I am very pleased with the equipment .I will send your contact to some partners to buy them a machine directly from you.

Andreas Sterz

Thank you to all of you. Great job. And we like the machine I showed the samples to my coworkers and to my husband everybody like them. It is amazing!

Danny Mercado

Well done! I am very satisfied with Ban engineer's service ,hope him likes Mexico. And yes we hope our second purchase order can be placed very soon.

Nicolas Campos

Perfect collaboration! The waterjet is good to use in our production. I love your competitive price, very good quality and professional service!

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